Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Bear Day with the Cricut:)

First, I wanted to show off the invitation that I made. The "You're Invited" is cut from Old West. The Bear is drawn with the cricut black markers and is cut from Christmas Solutions (one of the freebie gyspy downloads last fall). The grass is layers of the drippy glue border punch from MS. I was proud of the cards. I just wish I would have delivered them all. (I made them on Saturday, forgot to bring them to church on Sunday and woke up Monday with Strep. Then the next Sunday, none of his friends were at church. I emailed the Mother's that I have email addys for and delivered one.)
The Happy Bear Day sign was made from Storybook, cut at 5 inches. I used my gypsy and used the layer feature for 3 layers to make sure that I got each letter and every third color followed the yellow, blue, green pattern. The Polar Bear is from Animal Kingdom and drawn with a blue marker. I've had those markers for years and only recently have I developed a love for them. Right now I'm crazy about them and cant wait to get my hands on the cri-kits, but that's to wait until my own UWYH challenge.
I used the same polar bear for the pin the heart on the bear. This was based on putting the heart in the bear at Build A Bear Workshop. I used my 12x24 mat and drew the bear on 2 pieces of white paper. Then I used the hide contour feature (my favorite feature) and hid all the inner lines to give my cut a little more strength). Then I adhered it to the DCDW All about Boys paper. (PS, I love that stack and I highly recommend a UWUH -use what you have- challenge). This paper was perfect for my project and far to busy to use on my scrapbook projects. I cut out a heart on the bear and put in a heart on the bear like a puzzle. Then I used the encaps feature on Plantin Schoolbook to make the hearts with the numbers in them.
Next the kids did a relay to dress the bears. I cut out 2 paper dolls at 11.50 inches. I used my handy dandy marker to draw out two bear faces from Toy Story and glued them right over the face. One bear was a basketball player and one was a baseball player. Nathan played T-ball and loves basketball, so they were coined after his 2 favorite sports. The basketball jersey wears the number 6 in honor of his 6th birthday. (PS, after the party we went to Build A Bear and he did get his bear a basketball uniform.)
The last cricut project I did for the party was "Musical Bears". I downloaded a wonderful MP3 Album off called "Teddy Bear's Picnic" and had several diecuts of bears from A Child's Year and Christmas and did a standing version of Musical Chairs.
I think Nathan and his friends had a good time at Nathan's Bear Day party, at least I hope so:)
Happy Crafting!