Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chore Chart (Joke's on Me)

Growing up, I was notorious for hating our family chore chart. Yes, I was that child. I resented it and hated doing the dishes with a passion. I would usually spend 3 hours doing them because I was so passive agressive. (Really, who was I punishing?) However, the wisdom of my has dawned on me of having a chore chart. I've always had the boys do some chores, but I've come to really understand that I'm not doing them (or future roomates/spouses) any favors by letting them have free time when there's work to do. So, Thank You Dad, Mom, Ap and Bear for putting up with me for 18 years. Em, I love you and miss you and everyone dearly.

FYI I purposefully left in our "daily routine" schedule, to add more laughs for my family. Me, who doesn't like to be too burdened with schedules or routines has adapted. I've learned that without schedules and routines, it is true chaos here and causes misery for my family, especially one of my childern, therefore I adapt. I also have a morning routine and an evening routine. Those are laminated and hung outside the boys' room.


  1. Love the chore chart. Thanks for sharing. Cindy

  2. You are a free spirit at heart, me too. Don't give me rules! Well I am older and adapted too. Some things makes life easier.

  3. I hate admitting when I do something as a aprent I sid I would never do when I was a kid growing turn around sucks. GREAT project. It actally looks fun.