Thursday, March 10, 2011

CC Weekly Challenge: Man Week

The challenge was to pick out 3 elements from the provided list and use them on a page. I chose twine (the net), paint and stars.

I really like the concept of this page: using my bruce picture with all 4 of my guys in it literally exploding through a sunken ship. I truly think its unique and brilliant. However, I feel like this page is incomplete. I The only ideas I have is to add a title to the net, or a big red arrow (or 3) to add emphasis to the actual picture and some funny journaling, on the strips. All I know is that I've filled the requirements for the challenge, so I'm posting, but I'm not quite ready to put this one away...
One other thing I did on this LO, that I've never done before, is sand my core'dnations paper. I did the boat (cut from Going Places) in an up and down sanding to distress it to look worn down and I did the water in a round, flowing pattern to look more believable. My son was a little hysterical with the noise of it, but I like the result. I used paint to make the shark burst.

Well, if anyone happens to read this and has any wonderful ideas to make this page fabulous, I'd love to hear them:)
Happy crafting!


  1. Love how you made the shark bust through the boat!!

  2. Awesome page idea for this photo! :D

  3. I love the photo with the kids in the shark mouth crashing through the boat. That is awesome!