Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Friend Blog Fun:)
I got a comment on my last blog post leading me to Andi's fun blog: and I'm delighted with her fun blog. She has 3 boys about the same age as my own "wildboyz". My own sons are 7,5.5 and 4. They are all 18 months apart. Mom life is sometimes a crazy time, but I dearly love my boys. Anyway, please check out Andi's fun creations. She just won a stylish blogger award and linked me as a newfound blog:) She shared 7 fun facts about herself and I will do the same:

1. My family is my life.
2. I run and bike and have done to USA Triathalon Association sanctioned Duathalons (run (5K), bike (about 15 miles), run (5K). Tons of fun and last time I ran as an athena (over 150 lbs (I was 153)) and got 3rd place in that group.
3. This year, I dont think I'm going to do a duathalon, but hope to make it up to Cincinatti to visit my dad while he's on a work location and we hope to do a century ride: 100 miles in 1 day.
4. I need to get my booty cycling to be prepared for #3. (lol)
5. I enjoy sewing, but have zero desire to sew clothes for my sons at this point. So, I do about 1 or 2 sewing projects a year. I would like to do quilting, but that takes up so much room that that hobby is on hold.
6. I love Strawberry Shortcake and my strawberry themed kitchen.
7. I'm a clutterbug that loves organization...

I hope to have some more scrappy stuff to post soon. The last few projects I've posted have been really simple. I will post something more sophisticated soon...

Happy Crafting:)

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  1. I am so impressed with you doing duathalons!! wow is all I can say.