Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Butterfly Card with Seranade

I finally used my serenade cart! I think that was the last physical cart that I own that I haven't yet used, but that's not the reason that I picked this cart for this project. A member on the circle board posted about a family friend that has just been through (going through, I should say) a sad tragedy. The son/husband/father had served several tours in Afganistan and surrounding areas and was killed. So terrible and he left behind some little boys who are about the same ages as some as my gang. I wanted to make a card of a butterfly because I think butterfly's are a symbol of peace and hope. I did it in red, white and blue. While I was coming into my decision on the card design, my dear online frind Kathy also had a death in the family. Her mother, so sad. My mom and I are extremely close and I will be devestated when its her turn to return home. Anyway, because the colors of my card are more suttle, not screaming "PATROTIC", I made a duplicate card today for Kathy, but personalized it.

I used my Gypsy for this project. I welded 2 butterflies at 3 inches on White Cardstock. Then I cut out the identical butterfly base alone on a creamier white and adhered it to the folded card. I used both wet glue on the antenne and body and my GGP on the wings. Then I put the blue body on and the red layers.

I was thinking of putting a shadow on the back to give it a little more OOMFF and stability, but then I realized that it would be difficult to open...

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