Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cad-nt-bury our Appreciation (x-post)

I accidently posted this on my family blog (oops), but ment to share it here. Just a simple fun project.

These are the cute little teacher appreciation gifts my son took to his teachers today. I hand wrote the sentiment with "We cad-nt-bury our appreciation for you" on each tag...I just hope they like cadbury milk chocolate bars:)

I actually didn't used my cricut at all for this project. That is a bit unusual for me, but nevertheless, I'm sharing because this was such a fast project. I had a CVS coupon for the chocoate bars, buy 1 get 1 free. Then, I used some scrappaper, leftover from my Caramel Corn project, and cut it at 6 inches wide. Ideally, I would have cut it wider, but I was using scrappaper (My Mind's Eye). I wanted to use the same paper for each project, so I cut it to 6 inches long. It wasn't quite long enough on the back, but I didn't think it mattered and taped it. I also used on of my MS around the page punches to give the left side some interest. I had some scrapribbon for the tag.
Speaking of the tag, once upon a time I used my sizzix machine and tag dies and cut up all my scrappaper into tags and embossed them. This has been a big asset to me. I always have a plethera of tags on hand for a quick label, gift or what-knot. I
I used a Mickey Mouse punch with some of the same scrappaper to give the tag a little bit of interst.
:) I hope you enjoyed my project. I've spent more time typing about it than actually doing it:)

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