Friday, May 13, 2011

French Manor + Story Book = a lot of projects coming up

I made this quick simple card for my son's lunch today. I simply used one of the cards on French Manor and Welded his name into it with Story Book and then put a piece of green paper behind. Voila! I love it. He was pretty excited to have a neat surprise in his lunch...Apperently, however, his teacher made him throw it away and he was upset about it.

Anyway, the card is 4.35 inches tall and I just sized the letters to fit across. So, if I did a longer name, such as my son Nathan, they would have to be shorter letters or have to use the tall setting for the letters...Using the contrasting cardstock behind helped give the center letters a little more strength.

I think that these two carts compliment each other nicely:)

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